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Modern spaces and light control
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The control of light is your strongest design aid

Design Considerations

Whenever considering how to redesign or shape your living spaces, theres one element which often gets overlooked, and it’s usually the most important.
Light is probably the single biggest influence when it comes to the comfort and visual aspects of interior and exterior spaces.

As a general rule, spaces usually appear larger when the lighting is good, and Architects have taken to using larger open windows providing grand views and creating this airy modern feel we see so often in structures today.

This has some drawbacks

This approach however does have a few drawbacks, light glare and heat can become issues especially when lighter interior surfaces are involved.


Ones goal should be to keep the light levels comfortable as well as keep direct sunlight off glossy, reflective or unprotected surfaces as often harsh reflections and UV can prove somewhat unsightly as well as damaging to your precious furniture and carpets. The biggest thing architects face as problems when planning and designing your home is making the best use out of the natural solar cycles throughout the seasons and days, however as this is a fairly dynamic range of light angles, compromises are always to be expected.

With todays modern technologies in window coverings and exterior mounted awnings, one can now introduce a active solutions that can be controlled as the sun makes its way across your home, therefore optimising the way in which you deal with light, whilst maintaining those grand views the architect originally intended, whilst adding a little bit of elegant custom flare to any building.


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